The Nootropic Multi Calming 45 Veg Caps

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Calm Energy Focus 

A nootropic is any compound used to enhance cognitive function. The word is derived from the Greek words “noos” (mind) and “tropein” (to bend or turn).

In order for your brain to function optimally, you need to feed it what it needs.

The Nootropic Multivitamin is designed to supercharge your performance by providing high-octane nutrients to your brain, body and mitochondria (cellular powerhouses).

It differs from other cognitive enhancers in that it contains no stimulants and is therefore suitable for children, adults and the elderly.

It addresses brain function from an overall health perspective, providing you with the daily requirement of 17 essential vitamins and minerals, as well as 11 super-nutrients. It is packed full of power.

It was carefully developed over the course of 25 years by a biochemist practicing as a healthcare practitioner. There is no other nootropic on the market like it; it is the first of its kind.

It contains a unique combination of NAC, Agmatine, Glucuronolactone and Folate, which is likely to revolutionize the field of nootropics.

Another special feature of this supplement is that it can be used to enhance the effects of others cognitive enhancers, thus making it perfect as a foundation for any nootropic protocol.

Try it and you'll feel the difference for yourself. 

Take your magic back.

Do it, for you :) 


The Nootropics Multi Energize


- Take every 2nd day

- Take 3 capsules at once (or 2 morning, 1 afternoon)
  12 yrs+: 2 
  3 yrs+: 1

- If unable to swallow, pour capsule content into a beverage

- Suitable for vegans


Safety for use if pregnant or nursing has not been established. Consult a doctor if you are on medication or have a medical condition before using.

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the The Nootropic Multi Calming 45 Veg Caps is for you.

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