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How To Use - Injectable


Please carefully follow the instructions below and ensure the correct size insulin syringe is used.

Contents of each Injectable packaged included:
- 2ml vial of Distilled/Sterile Water
- 10mg vial of Powder

For the best results its recommended that new users and those who have not used the product for a while complete both the loading and maintenance dosages.


  1. Taking the vial of Distilled/Sterile Water, shake the vial to remove any water in the lid; hold the vial in your hand and with your thumb on the blue dot where the vial curves at the top and apply pressure breaking off the top of the vial.
  2. Taking the 10mg vial of the powder, break off the sealed green lid.
  3. Holding the vial of Distilled/Sterile Water at a 90 degree horizontal position and using a 100 Unit Insulin Syringe, slowly draw up 1ml sterile water into the syringe. Insert the syringe into the rubber circle marked on the vial of the powder and inject the water into the vial. 
  4. Swirl the vial to mix the water and powder properly.
  5. The final mixed solution is now ready for use.

***Some customers find storing the product in the syringe is easier for daily use. In this instance draw out the full 100 units of mixed product, remove the needle and store the full syringe in the fridge. Please Note: Before injecting each time replace the needle with a new clean needle to prevent infection. 

Loading Dosage:

Inject 10 Units every morning in the lower stomach region over 10 days.
Safe sun exposure or a sunbed/tan can session for about 20-30 minutes three times a week is recommended for faster activation of the product.

Maintenance Dosage:

Inject 10 Units every second morning in the lower stomach region over 20 days.

    Storage Instructions: Store the Mixed Solution in the fridge for up to 12 weeks. Any vials of unmixed distilled/sterile water can be stored inside a fridge; & store any vials of unmixed powder inside a freezer.

    *** To prevent over dosing please ensure that the correct size insulin syringe is used at all times.

    Side Effects:

    • When injecting a slight burn will be felt, this may last for a short period.
    • User’s may feel nauseous and a loss in appetite.
    • User’s may notice an increased libido.
    • Moles and freckles will become darker when first used as these areas contain the highest concentration of melanin in your skin.
    • User’s may feel nauseous but if any abnormal or high levels of nausea are experienced immediately stop using the product(s) or cut the dosage by half.

    ***Side effects may include but are not limited to the list above and it is recommended that users immediately stop using the product(s) or cut the dosage by half if any abnormalities are experienced.

    It is the user’s sole responsibility to use the product(s) according to the guidelines set above.