Melanotan II Nasal Spray is to be used like a conventional nasal spray. Please carfully follow the instructions below.


  1. Make sure you clear your nostrils before using the nasal spray to maximize absorption.
  2. Remove the white cap on the nozzle.
  3. Prime the nozzle by holding the nasal spray bottle upright and pump 1-3 times until it forms a uniform mist.
  4. Hold the bottle upright while using. 
  5. Insert the nasal spray into your nostril, about 1cm.
  6. Pump the device completely down while you simultaneously inhale through your nose. This allows the mist to distribute uniformly among the nasal mucous membrane.
  7. Clean the spray nozzle after use and re-attach the blue safety device.

***Try to distribute each pump throughout the course of the day to achieve the best results. Try to avoid sneezing or blowing your nose immediately after using the nasal spray.

Loading Dosage:

For the body to become used to the product it is recommend to not exceed the initial dosage below:

Day 1: Two pumps (one in each nostril)

Day 2: Four pumps (two pumps in the morning and two pumps at night)

Day 3 +: Six pumps (two pumps in the morning, two pumps at lunch and two pumps at night)

After day 3 keep to this daily dosage for 20 days or until your desired tanning intensity is reached.

Please Note: The above dosage instructions are guidelines and some users may require higher or lower dosages. To assess if the body is fully loaded look for any abnormal or disproportionate coloration around the chin and mouth, If any of these signs are noticed stop the loading dosage immediately and begin the maintenance dosage.

Maintenance Dosage:

To maintain your tan use 6 - 8 pumps two to three times weekly dependent on the tanning intensity you desire. Alternatively take 2 sprays, 1 in each nostril every morning. Your body will slowly adapt to the levels of Melanotan II in your system and an even tan will prevail. The best and most even tan will occur between 3 - 4weeks.

***Try and spend safe periods of time in the sun to stimulate the melanin in your skin. You can also use light sun bed sessions.

Storage Instructions:

Store inside a fridge for up to 12 weeks after first use.

Side Effects:

  • Moles and freckles will become darker when first used as these areas contain the highest concentration of melanin in your skin.
  • Nausea should be completely unnoticeable and if any abnormal or high levels of nausea are experienced immediately stop using the product(s) or cut the dosage by half.

***Side effects may include but are not limited to the list above and it is recommended that users immediately stop using the product(s) or cut the dosage by half if any abnormalities are experienced.

It is the user’s sole responsibility to use the product(s) according to the guidelines set above.