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What Is Betatan

Betatan Melanotan II is a synthetic variant of a natural peptide hormone that’s responsible for melanogenesis (a process that causes pigmentation of the skin) in the body. The lab-based chemical created to mimic the composition and effects of the natural hormone called melanocyte-stimulating hormone, is mostly associated with the regulation of skin color, but it has other effects on the entire body such as improved fat loss capabilities. Melanotan II was developed in the 90s by a research team experimenting the effectiveness and safety of a hormone known as Alpha MSH on people. The hormone caused the darkening of the pigments of the frogs used in the experiment. Upon confirming the effectiveness of Alpha MSH in darkening frog skin pigments, they modified Melanotan II peptide in a way that would be friendly to the human body and put it through clinical trials. During the tests, one of the people who had taken the drug reported to Levine that he was experiencing spontaneous erections as a result of it. Following such reports, the research team also achieved another success as far as discovering Melanotan-II benefits is concerned by discovering Bremelanotide (PT-141)  , an erectile dysfunction-focused derivative of the drug. Both Melanotan II peptide and Bremelanotide were patented and licensed for sale to and use by biotechnology companies for possible development into valuable prescription drugs. Melanotan II works by activating some melanocortin receptors, leading to improved skin tanning, better lipid metabolism and suppressed appetite.