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Kids Learning - Alphabet Chart

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Make learning easy & fun with our printable Alphabet Chart!

The Alphabet Chart can be an important part of teaching your child how to recognize the individual letters and sounds of the alphabet; this is part of the process of learning to read. Our Alphabet Chart consists of the 26 letters of the alphabet and a picture corresponding to the phonic sound of each letter, the chart is a great tool to teach the alphabet to your child!

How It Works

A parent will point and recite the letter and picture name. For example “a - apple, b - ball, c - cat…”.

It is important that you go through the alphabet chart at the right speed, too slow and your child will get bored. Provide your child with the opportunity to join the game by reciting the name of pictures or letters as they begin to recognize them.

Depending on the ability of your child, you can simplify or add complexity to the game by reciting the pictures only or letters only. Or you can add a variation by introducing the phonics sound for each letter.

Alphabet Activities

There are a range of activities that parents can use to teach letters to children. Here are some basics you can conduct with an alphabet chart:

  • Play a game where you give your child a word and they find the letter that word starts with on the alphabet chart.
  • As you recite the word the word, have your child come up with other words that start with that letter / sound.
  • You can use the letter-only version of the alphabet chart to help your child practice writing letters.